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Small businesses and large businesses alike  can count on Leverageplus  to provided them with quality; PEO, ASO, payroll and other services which  leverage resources they need to succeed.  Our clients count on LeveragePlus Organization (LPORG) to create the right businesssolutons. While the expectations are usually... Read More
Our clients count on us for protection from the mountain of new laws and regulations. They can expect professional assistance allowing them to navigate with certainty even through uncertain times. Some services offer over 25 bundled services, often for less than what the client was previously paying for just one or... Read More
LeveragePlus Organization's (LPORG) PEO, ASO and human resource services combines lower prices with improved quality of products and services. This is accomplished through economies of scale created by pooling thousands of employers and tens of thousands of employees. This allows each member company to benefit from... Read More
Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) have been around for over 25 years and have grown from a $5 billion industry to over $95 billion within the last five years due to: increased government regulations, rising cost of employees’ benefits, insurance and legal liability, just to name a few.PEOs offer small and... Read More

Trusted Business Advisor


  • Higher return on investments (ROI)
  • Reduced liability / risk
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Leveraged professional workforce
  • Economies of scale pricing
  • Access to improved benefits
  • Reduced cost of services
  • More advanced technologies
  • Better management controls
  • Less labor hours
  • Accounting-friendly processes

    Business News

    PEOs / ASOs Experiencing Amazing Growth Due to Burdens Placed on Businesses

    According to the National Association of Preferred Employer Organizations (NAPEO), the PEO industry alone has grown to exceed the $95 billion mark in just the last five (5) years. Not bad considering the market's high was only $5 billion only five years ago.

    Our Core Competencies


    • PEO / ASO / Payroll
    • Benefits /  Insurance / Workers' Compensation
    • Risk Management / Workforce Safety
    • Legal Compliance
    • Human Resource
    • Talent Acquisition & Management
    • Technology Solutions (Payroll, HRIS, HRM, ATS)
    • Education / Training

    The Business Development Center

    The Business Development Center (BDC) is where you will find industry and discipline specific educational materials and training.